Transgression is not a standalone series. All characters, events, places and themes are canonical to the Vengeance series universe. This story is not essential to the understanding of the character(s) as they are portrayed in the main series but can assist by shedding light on where they came from and what they have been through. They are meant to be consumed after reading Vengeance: Children of Faust first. Having a reference to past events prior to reading along book one may lessen any mystique and curiosity that is being established in the narrative.


Resting at the bottom in a pit of mistakes; Alex struggles to find his place in the world. Without the comfort of family, he trudges blindly forward with the hopes that his personal demons don't drag him under. As fate would have it, a new beginning is just within reach. Never before has he felt sincerity towards anyone aside from his late mother; and never before has that very sentiment been returned. However, the path he chose to walk will continue to haunt him, and the nightmares he drowns in booze can no longer be swayed so easily. Destiny is calling, but the trials he must face are far beyond anything he'd ever imagined.