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What's hapenning now?

As many of you may know, i am in the process of migrating to a new Youtube channel. this process is STRENUOUS and absolutely TEDIOUS so thank you for you patience. If you're wondering why it's taking me so long well here's what i have to do...

-Select from my list of 1900 videos which ones are worthy to be transferred over.

-Download those X-Hundred videos and make sure they are organized.

-Render certain playthroughs into 'Movie versions' so i can re-upload them as a single video.

-Make entirely new playlists and sort the videos into them

-Maintain a maximum video upload limit (Enforced by youtube) of 99 videos/day

While i do all of this Exporting, Downloading, uploading... i can't really film any other videos because my pC is obviously in use all day.

I am going to post a video plugging the new channel, even though some of you have already subscribed.

Aside from that, my area has gotten hit with a ton of snow; upwards to 1.5 feet so i am fearful to record anyway in case we lose power and i lose video files. (The last thing i want is to record Alien and have the power shit out halfway through. Progress would stay, the video would not....

So im kind of stuck sitting here doing menial stuff while casually playing Blackout and working on some other achievements.

As far as What content to expect when i start uploading new stuff again.

-Alien Isolation

-PUBG achievement tricks and tips

100,000 easy gamerscore

-Daily life

-Gun shooting

Is all i really have planned right now.

Concerning other projects.

-Second installment of Origins has been growing and i am finally at the point where i'm writing cool stuff!

-Manga series has ground to a halt while my artist works on some stuff but i do have about 6 more panels almost ready to go.

-Ive been doodling a lot lately and have a few things to digitally draw so thatll be fun, maybe a stream?

i think thats it. Thanks for reading and check back every so often for more updates!


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