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Update Update Update

First, let me start off by saying i got glasses. actual prescription glasses. Yup, turns out i'm near-sighted and my left eye is slightly off-set. It's taking some getting used to for sure, but it's not bad.

Next, i have a huge to-do list this weekend. I don't think i'll be streaming because since im trying to keep it on Mixer, i get almost no viewers. Woohoo. But i am going to finish up Alien Isolation tomorrow so that'll be cool.

Motivation for youtube is honestly failing me. If i'm being real, i almost dont want to even try. it seems like everything i try to do just blows up in my face. Oh well. live to Create!

As far as what videos i have planned, I have a rant video about having kids, a video about my glasses and maybe some more Apex stuff. Thats it. i stopped caring by this point.

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