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Some fresh new updates

Trying out this blog thing on the website so bear with me as i learn.

As you can see, the website has undergone some changes recently; i wanted to make it more professional and less cluttered.

I'm going to try and keep this brief so as far as updates go. . .

-Vengeance official also got an update and i may consider trying to transfer the domain away from GoDaddy and move it to Wix to allow further customization.

-You'll be happy to hear that i have recorder, edited and uploaded up to Alien Part 5 so thats good news. I plan on finishing it before Metro releases so i can start releasing that.

-Some of you may notice that i removed Vengeance and all of its other works (besides the Artbook) from Lulu. I did this because i want to focus all future marketing and quality control on just Amazon, plus i don't want people to have to jump between multiple distributors and i want to condense it so i can control website clutter.

-On a side note i am all caught up with my favorite CreepyPasta series, Tales From the Gas Station and HOLY SHIT

-Right now i plan on trying to film some Airsoft shooting/Chrono tests but its a pain to haul all of that equipment to my parents,e specially since neither of my drivers-side doors handles work...

-In the background whenever i have downtime i have been compiling a list of 100 easy completions on xbox, so that video will be coming out some time.

-Origin's Transgression is coming along nicely, though i feel some parts will be edited down while others are expanded for the sake of reader interest. I realized theres a bit of a snag between pages 20-50 where its pretty slow and may get boring. . . But thats the story, no Teufel or anything. Its a love story dammit.

-Also i still can't contact youtube or Zoomintv to figure out my channel monetezation settings so i continue to work unpaid. Joy.

-And yes, i am moving my streams to Mixer for the foreseeable future. I added a merch store there and will try to make that work.

Thats it for now. Catch you guys later and be sure to stop by my books listings and support my work :)


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