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It's been too long. Let's chat.

Been almost 2 months since my last post update :/ Thats because, if you've been following the channel or social media at all, March has quite the month for Sam and I.

We had the bedbug situation. Which was something that bogged down my mental stability, energy, finances and pretty much everything in my existence for the whole month.

I've been trying to keep up with content but have had to resort to reuploading some old content just to make sure stuff was going live.

I have also been writing a little bit but, as always, its a slow process.

Yes! Channel summaries are coming back! the first one had a slight issue with the focus of my camera but that was a dumb mistake on my part that wont happen again (I hope ...)

Im going to try and be more consistent with my uploads, but we'll see how long that will last.

Sam has been on vacation for a week so ive had some time to recooperate, she will be back Monday which means i can record some videos ive been meaning to with her.

i dont really know what else to say, so bye.

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