Growing up, Lucy didn’t know her father and never understood
the reasons for her parents falling out. The secrets of their past
shrouded in intentional mystery to save her the trauma of the truth.
Having to rely on her mother for love and support leaves her
starving for affection when a horrible disease sentences her to a
life of watchful care. Hospitalized; Lucy is taken in by her
grandparents at the cusp of her development. Afflicted with bad
blood; she struggles to find her place among her peers while
growing increasingly frustrated at the looming secrets. Hate,
familial negligence and a knack for trouble; she sets off on a path
of self-destruction that makes her vulnerable to suggestion. Those
wrought emotions seep into the air; summoning a strange elderly
man wearing a black suit to offer a deal.


Hebeloma is not a standalone series. All characters, events,
places and themes are canonical to the Vengeance series
universe. These stories are not essential to the understanding of
the character(s) as they are portrayed in the main series but can
assist by shedding light on where they came from and what they
have been through. These stories are meant to be consumed after
reading Vengeance: Children of Faust first. Having a reference to
past events prior to reading along book one may lessen any
mystique and curiosity that is being established in the narrative.